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Top 10 Bulk Bin Picks for Backpack Hunting at Winco

The Top 10 Finds at Winco.

They're employee-owned, have decent prices, and are literally everywhere in the Western states. As great as these things sound, they pale in comparison to their greatest asset: the bulk bins. Welcome to Winco.

If you're headed West (or already live here, for that matter) at any point this fall for an annual hunting trip, here are the top 10 finds in the beloved section at the back of the store.

1. Edamame- Decent sources of protein are always a struggle to squeeze in, in the backcountry. These puppies provide 11g of high-quality protein in 1 oz. They have the entire amino acid profile and pack some sodium for those early and sweaty endeavors in September.

2. Raisin Trio- The "trio" part of this matters. Plump, voluptuous, and incredibly delicious. This blend of purple, golden, and red raisins are the perfect addition to any custom trail mix.

3. Mixed Nuts- The base of any decent trail mix. There are no magical nutrients in the mixed combination, it's mere taste preference. If you prefer almonds on their own (or any nut for that matter), then go that route.

4. Jerky Packets- Single servings (3 ounces) are the perfect size to throw in my hip pouch. They swing a decent amount of protein and let's be honest; who doesn't like jerky?

5. Gummy Bears- I doubt this needs any convincing; however, anyone can see this hidden gem as a nutrition powerhouse with a quick glance at the ingredients and nutrition profile.

6. Orange Drink Mix- "Whoa, Kamp! Why'd you put that crap on there?!" Don't call the licensing board to have my credentials taken quite yet. For way less than 1 ounce, you get 25g of quick-digesting carbohydrates to power you onto your next destination.

7. Honey sticks- Liquid gold. These puppies come in a "stick" form. Pinch the end, swallow, and keep on truckin'. This is literally the best option to keep you going when you don't have time to stop for a meal or experience sudden and drastic symptoms of low blood sugar. I keep 5 sticks with me (in a baggie) at all times for emergency situations.

8. Powdered Milk- Tired of oatmeal? Enter the world of warm granola in the morning. Adding plain water to granola would be an absolute disservice to the hands that labored in creating that oat, nut, honey, and raisin combo you're about to eat. Add 1/3 cup of this stuff to a bit of water, heat in a stove, and pour over your granola. It gives a reasonable 8g of protein per serving and 12g of energy-boosting carbohydrate.

9. Protein Powder- Welcome back to the world of oatmeal. It's no secret that a big bowl of oats is tasty after an evening spent wrapped tight in your $700 down-stuffed sleeping apparatus. A lot of people will complain oatmeal doesn't stick with them long enough. I add a scoop of this powder to my oats, throw some peanut butter in, and am good for hours. I would suggest finding a flavored one, as flavorless whey is like eating, well- flavorless whey… Tip: Look for a "whey protein isolate", it's a faster-absorbing, higher protein product than some of the other whey's out there.

10. Powdered Peanut butter- this is perfect to throw in your morning breakfast to avoid replying "just another bowl of boring oatmeal" when your buddies ask what you brought.

If planned right, you can really create some great and cost-effective nutrition plans from the bulk section at Winco. An added perk if you're not left with 6 packages of uneaten food because you were forced to buy the bulk pack of (insert your favorite food) and can buy only what you need for the trip.

I'd love to see a picture of your stockpile after you wrap up your shopping trip. You can send them to Safe travels and have a great season!

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