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A day in December of 2008 changed the course of my life. I was 21 years old, weighed 270 pounds, and found myself experiencing chest pains from the strenuous activity of… opening Christmas presents. I knew my life had to change.

Over the next year I engulfed myself in learning about nutrition and exercise, and I watched the scale drop more than 140 pounds — more than half my body weight.  As exciting as it was to successfully lose weight, I was also frustrated by the inconsistencies in what I was reading online about nutrition. I was hungry for truth. Not opinions. Not fads. Not some diet plan that some guy came up with in his basement. But actual science-based, “this is the way the body works” nutritional information.


I pursued a college degree in Dietetics, completed my dietetic residency, and am now a Registered Dietitian in Idaho. It was here, in Idaho, that I fell in love with the mountains. I began to observe and experience how nutrition fuels optimal performance on the contoured lines of these beautiful peaks.  

I started V2P to provide a solution and combat the perpetuation of misinformation about what is needed to truly reach your goals with nutrition and activity. Nutrition isn’t mysticism; it is science. I want to leverage my professional nutritional experience to help others perform their best in outdoor pursuits.

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I didn’t grow up climbing the jagged peaks of the West, exploring the backcountry of the northeast on a set of skis, or pursuing big game in the backcountry for days on end. But now I am capable of all of those endeavors, thanks to a science-based nutritional strategy that literally changed my life.  My hope is that you will see your goals as achievable, no matter where you are or what level of experience you have. I would love to help you figure out the nutritional component.


Let me know how I can help.

Kyle Kamp
Registered and Licensed Dietitian,RDN, LD
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