You’re confused on what direction to go to even get started

You’re overwhelmed by the abundance of nutrition information out there and need clarity 


You’ve hit a roadblock in your own journey and progress and aren’t quite sure what the next step is to reach your ultimate goal

You’ve had some success, but have no energy to get through the day, much less the training regimen to reach your goals


You’re unsure how to set up regular (and realistic) goals to move towards your bigger goals

You struggle incorporating foods you actually enjoy into your day-to-day routine


You’ve not been able to sustain any program you’ve followed in the past


16 weeks of tailored nutrition programming

Our core program provides the foundation you need to thrive, not only during your time working with us, but for years to come. We cover everything from macros to mindset. Take a peek at the 16 week plan here.

Access to our private Facebook community of like-minded individuals

Our Facebook community is full of former and current Valley to Peak althetes - all of whom are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience. There's tons of great content to read. We also have fun competitions with amazing prizes.

Emphasis on education on how nutrition works

We put heavy emphasis not only on what to do, how and when to do it, but why. Our job is not complete if you are unsure of how to sustain your success and adjust your plans to match the ups and downs of life.

Flexible approach adapted to what works best for you

Nothing is off limits! This is a personalized nutrition program without cookie-cutter, pre-built meal plans and templates.  We work with you to develop plans and habits that you'll enjoy. No more struggling to stick to meal plans that you can't stand!

Weekly 1:1 check-in with your coach

The weekly check-in is a critical element to keeping you moving forward with your goals. We'll cover numbers, changes in training and eating plans, education pieces, and maintaining a healthy mindset. Most of all, we'll help keep you focused on where you are and where you're heading. 

Open access to your coach for those times when you need additional support

As a 1:1 client, you'll have unlimited email access to your coach. Dealing with an injury or heading out on a family vacation? We're here for you to help you navigate any situation.




I lost 28 lbs and over 5 inches on my waist on this program. I reached my goal weight, which allowed me to apply to enlist in the Air National Guard. I would have never been able to accomplish what I wanted without Kyle's guidance and his personal connection to my process.  At one point, my mental game was wearing down, but Kyle kept me in it by helping me dig deep and push through.  If he can do it for me, he can do it for you, too.

- L. Walker, Air National Guardsman



  • Phase 1

    • Week 1: Mindset

      • What's your why? "To become ________, I need to ________."

    • Week 2: Estimating Your Needs

      • Why an online calculator simply won't do​

    • Week 3: Strategy

      • Developing your unique game plan​

    • Week 4: Portions

      • Methods and importance of measuring portions

    • Week 5: Tracking

      • Methods and importance of tracking your intake​

    • Week 6: Consistency

      • Why daily "indulgences" are better than cheat days

  • Phase 2

    • Week 7: Macronutrients

      • An overview of where our calories come from

    • Week 8: Meal timing

      • Does food turn into fat after 7pm? What if I'm hungry?

    • Week 9: Carbohydrates

      • Their purpose in performance, physiology and why they should be in your plan

    • Week 10: Protein

      • Their purpose in performance, physiology, and why you don't need protein shakes

    • Week 11: Alcohol

      • How it affects our performance and does it fit in?

    • Week 12: Fat

      • It's purpose in performance, physiology, and why eating it does not make you gain weight

  • Phase 3

    • Week 13: Micronutrients

      • Was mom right? Do we really need veggies?

    • Week 14: The Ascent

      • Exploring the weight loss phase of your plan

    • Week 15: The Decent

      • Coming off the high and why you can't diet forever

    • Week 16: Soaring

      • 95% of people who reach their goals fail to sustain their success

      • Why you're going to be in the 5% who do!

      • Shifting into sustainable behaviors

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Step 2


Your coach will help you clarify your goals and create a personalized plan to help you reach them.


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Start feeling the best you have in years. If you work the plan, we'll guarantee the results.