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V2P on the Hunt Backcountry Podcast!

Exo Mountain Gear and The Hunt Backcountry Podcast- two entities synonymous with quality in the hunting world. This is true in terms of the products they build, the content they produce, and the character of the folks who own and operate it.

It wasn't many months ago I sat down with Steve and Mark to discuss the science of nutrition and it's applicability in the arena of backcountry hunting. In the podcast we talk about everything from high output days chasing elk, low output days glassing muleys, to gummy bears.

We also spent many months building a backcountry nutrition plan so that you, the listener and reader, could build your own plan in preparation for a successful backcountry pursuit this fall. The plan is entirely free and always will be. My hope is that you'll find it useful, but I'm always only an email away to answer any questions that might pop up.


Photo credit: Mark Huelsing

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