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TV dinners, Convenience, and Performance Fuel

I admit I say some pretty unconventional things for a dietitian. The include things like “gummy bears are great for performance fuel!”, “You truly can enjoy what you eat and still meet your goal”, and “there are times memories matter more than the macros…”.

But recommending TV dinners as performance fuel for folks who don’t have time to or don’t like to cook, might be in the top 3…

Before you write me off, let me explain…

They’re portioned, convenient, inexpensive, and can be adjusted based on your performance goals by adding more protein and carbs as needed.

Here’s an example:

It can be extremely tough to get enough protein in when you’re busy. A large part of why that is is because nearly all good sources of protein require cooking and with that- some prep. This meal provides a whopping 28g in 200kcal WITH a decent-tasting sauce.

Let’s say you’re in a training block that’s NOT easy though. How does this fit into that?

By adding in a microwaveable bag of rice (90-seconds to finish!), you easily bolster the carb intake of the meal to support that effort.

Nutrition is a complicated topic and that’s not to say the options listed here are ‘superiror’ to a home cooked meal OR that you should live your entire life this way. However, like it or not, nutrition is a game of numbers.

If the numbers line up, the goals will too...regardless of the source.

Need help coming up with a tailored plan? We'd be glad to help. Check out our 16-week coaching course!

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