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How to TRULY set a goal

I don't know about you, but I'm a bit of a nerd.

I might even classify myself as a serial nerd; I try to read as much as humanly possible on a topic I care about. The topic ranges from something related to a hobby to leadership-type stuff, to business - I love it all!

I recently dove into Atomic Habits by James Clear. In it, he highlights a concept known as implementation intention. It's a concept common in research on habit development and has been around for ages. Though not new, he puts it in a way that I haven't heard before. It resonated at a pretty deep level with me.

The concept basically says that we're not going to get anywhere just setting a goal. We have to put some parameters to the goal; parameters like when and where.

For example, "I want to work out more" is great, but we know that compliancy (the likelihood that it actually happens) moves from 30% to 90% when we attach time and place to it. Something like "I'm going to work out in my garage every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 am." is far more likely to happen than the lofty idea of just wanting to do something.

He goes on to explain "most people think they lack motivation, but what they really lack is clarity...". And, I'd add to that, that they lack a plan.

SO. All of that rant to encourage all of us (I might coach this, but I'm still trying to maintain myself after 11 years. It's a battle that gets easier, but still requires some attention...) to look at what is hanging us up (if anything...).

Valley to Peak clients, athletes, and I check in every week with each other. In that check-in, we establish performance/activity and nutrition goals for the next week. These are time and place bound for this very reason.

Number 1- we're more likely to do them.

Number 2- it allows us measurables to compare against and see progress.

Can they be annoying? Sure.

But, I might argue that spinning your wheels without seeing results and wishing and hoping you could hit your goals is more exhausting than the time it takes to come up with a formidable goal for the week

Whether you started at the beginning of the year or have been working at this for 10 years- keep up the EXCELLENT work, and if you're needing some help in the departments of strategy and/or clarity- let me know. That's why I'm here!

Have a great week!



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