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Endurance for More Than The Mountains

The last week of March was a milestone week for me. It was that week (almost to the day) that I ran my first mile without stopping nearly 14 years earlier. I remember such a seemingly trivial milestone because it was something I never dreamed I’d be able to do weighing 270lbs. It was the catalyst to the rest of my journey that year.

The humbling part about the anniversary wasn’t the number of miles I ran on that same date this year training for the upcoming Exo Mtn Gear Death Hike. It was the realization that that journey over the last 14 years gave me the energy to do my long run, work a full day, and still have enough energy left for the most important thing at the end of the day: time with these two.

That's the type of endurance that matters the most to me.

It’s very likely that you’re like me and don’t care about a specific number on a scale. What you care about is what that number in your head provides you- something you perceive as a better life or ability to do something you can’t do now. Or maybe your ‘thing’ has nothing to do with a scale at all. Maybe it’s something entirely different. Whatever that thing is, it’s a goal.

My encouragement to you this week is the same that it was to myself back then: just be consistent with the habits- let the outcomes fall wherever they might. Because the change in those habits will give you the energy to build your own endurance- whatever that definition is for you.

Remember to enjoy the journey. Take mental notes. They’ll be the most valuable thing you take away from the experience.

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