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The Three Ps

Lub dub, lub dub, lub dub. “You can’t be serious. I’m 21 years old, and having chest pain”? This happens to folks 80 years my senior; not to me- a young, vibrant, healthy (or so I thought) 21 year old stud! The fact is that some view obesity as an almost humorous subject. Many folks ranking high up on the BMI charts will resort to poking fun at themselves before someone else can lay that first jab on them in a crowded room. In fact, to a slight degree, I was “that guy”. Although on Christmas morning of 2008, I could find no humor about my situation. This was my proverbial turning point when I knew I had to do something about my weight.

At twenty one years old, 270 pounds was obviously more than what my 5’6” frame was ever meant to handle. Small issues began to arise in my life like migraines, chest pains and general fatigue among other things. I began to make small changes in my life such as making smarter choices while eating out, eating out less and cooking more (helloooo smoke detector!), exercising/being more active and doing my best to incorporate the all dreaded vegetable and fruits into my diet more often in place of the oh so luscious daily bag of M&M peanuts. Through these changes in diet and exercise, over the course of a year I saw a 140 pounds gradually come off.

Naturally when you go through a change like this you learn a lot of different lessons not only about yourself; but about health, wellness, and even other relationships in your life. I had a friend give me a word of advice along my journey that I would pass on to anyone whether trying to drop a few pounds after the holidays or make a significant change involving a matter of life and death: "remember the three p’s. prayer, persistence, and patience". Nothing worth having comes quickly; precision accuracy as a marksman, bringing back meat from a hunt or losing weight. Persistence is key to any lasting change in one's life.

I wish I had some nugget of wisdom to tell you when to start, but I think the important piece here is just to start. When you’re hungry next, make a healthy choice, and you’ll come to find that consistent healthy choices add up. It’s about lifelong change and commitment, not a fad diet that you come on and off of.

My hope with this site is to shed some light on the wisdom I've gleaned along the way. I'm hoping to help you see you don't need the supplements stacked high at your local nutrition store and that this is much more doable than it seems. I'm hoping to post some factual science stuff about nutrition and some of the deeper stuff for the nerds out there like me. So please, take a look around, dig through the content, and feel free to shoot me a message about anything that piques your interest.

Finally, don't forget that patience piece. Patience is key; weightloss takes time, in fact experts say that a 1-2lb weightloss per week is a safe method to follow. I know you’re thinking “It’ll take me 2 years to lose all that I want at that rate!” So be it; if it takes two years; it takes two years. Think of the longevity you’ve added to your life, the health and respect you are now treating yourself with, and the investment you are making. You will be successful, it will just take time. Just remember: Life…long…commitment. Enjoy the site.


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