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Investing time....vs spending it

It seems like no matter what month of the year it is I find myself saying something like "I can't believe it's already _______" or "I can't believe it'll be (insert holiday) next month!"

Time flies; doesn't it?

I'm reminded often about a quote I read once from Author James Clear:

"Think about what you want today and you'll spend your time. Think about what you want in 5 years and you'll invest your time." I don't want to just spend my time...I want to invest it. It's the same reason I choose to sit on a smoking hot river all day untangling fishing line for my son (as many of you have) rather than leaving him home with his mom while I go try to rack up a personal best for the number of trout I've caught in a day. The same happened when I set out to lose weight and try to make an effort to start being more active. Every day I wanted to sleep in, watch a new episode of a great sit-com (Boy Meets World and Chef Emril were the shows dejor back then for me...), and find ways to spend my time. But I was just at the age where I started to realize I'd be stuck the next 21 years in the same place I was in my first 21 years. I know (literally) that there are days you don't feel like training, tracking, or investing your time, but I can tell you the you five years from now will say "thank you" and you'll know then it was worth it.

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