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The Valley to Peak Process

It’s been quite humbling to see the reception you all have given Valley to Peak over the last 5 or 6 years and for that I want to say thank you! To say we appreciate you would be dramatically understating how grateful we are for the entire outdoor community!

During that time, it became very clear to me that one thing was needed in the world of nutrition: simplicity. Much of the topics gracing the pages of Facebook groups and headlines was so far from what I knew really mattered in nutrition that it began to become very apparent to me why people were so confused about nutrition for their goals- it was way more complicated than it needed to be.

In the last 5-6 years, we’ve worked really hard to highlight what matters in the world of nutrition by helping folks to learn the basics, master them, and do them with relentless consistency. We define this in three different stages:

Nutrition: A Process to Follow

Nutrition: A Plan to Execute

Nutrition: Progress to Monitor

The process is determined by the goal.

The plan is tailored to you, your goals, and managed by order of importance between calories, macronutrients, nutrient timing, etc.

The progress is two fold: changes in the short term and long-term management of those changes.

In short, we help everyday men and women prepare for and perform optimally in the outdoors- whatever the goal might be.

You may have a goal to improve endurance or build strength. You may have a goal to shed a few pounds before embarking on an upcoming trip. You may have the simple goal of maintaining weight between seasons of a specific sport. While the process is different for each of these endeavors, the foundation is the same: master the basics of your goal and be relentlessly consistent.

Questions about your own tailored plan? We'd love to talk to you! Complete the application at the bottom of the page and we’ll reach out.

Check out our 16-week course outline here or a variety of the other resources we have available.


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