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Have No Agenda...and Bring Snacks

Whether it's losing unwanted weight or improving performance in the mountains, the road can seem like a very long one....but it's well worth it!

We took both of our boys fishing for the first time a couple of weeks ago; one is three years old (not his first rodeo on the river-as evidenced below…) and the other is 4-months. We knew ahead of time we weren't headed to the river to supply dinner, so we agreed to set aside any expectation of a relaxing weekend with our toes dipped in the water.

You can probably guess how the story went- we left late, had to make 9 stops before actually getting on the road, and even that tranquil drive was saturated with grumbles from the mount of a three year old- "where's the picnic, dad?!"

There were 900 excuses to NOT go. I even feel guilty telling you I didn't WANT to go by then, but it's true.

It wasn't long after that, I remembered the advice of a friend when it came to including kids in hobbies you love-

“Have no agenda and bring snacks. You can’t go wrong…”

Simple, but profound; right?

Then I got to thinking that we're not so different- snacks and freeing ourselves of expectations make just about everything better....even journeys with training and nutrition.

No matter if the pursuit is weight loss or improving a specific area of performance, the road can seem to take longer than we want. But, like fishing with my son, we have to remember the investment in the moment is WELL worth the fruit it will produce down the line.

No matter where you’re at, keep up the great work.....and bring snacks,


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