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You'll remember more about buttoning a shirt than a scale change....

"Do you notice a difference in how your clothes are fitting?"

It seems like a pretty elementary question and one that couldn't possibly guide a nutrition plan, yet it's one that members of the Valley to Peak program are asked every week in the their check-ins.

Why? Why would I care about something like that in determining if someone is making progress or not?

“Non-scale victories” are sometimes laughed at…and I get why The term is crunchy- too “touchy feely”- and we love metrics we can post about. Things like “performance improvements”- faster PRs, more weight on our backs during a ruck session. Higher weights during squats (bonus points if its in the front rack position, right?!).

But the reality is this- I remember MORE about my own journey hitting bench marks like a shirt I always wanted to wear fitting and jeans that were popular at the time not feeling like they were painted on (Aeropostle and Abercrombie were the brand de jour at the time).

(this is the actual goal shirt I had when making progress towards weight loss....)

Naturally I LOVE getting comments like the ones highlighted in this post because I know folks are experiencing the same thing I did so many years ago.

The scale and performance metrics are great, but find other ways to celebrate. I can guarantee they’ll mean more to you 5 weeks, 5 months, and 5 years from now.

Need help coming up with a tailored plan? We'd be glad to help. Check out our 16-week coaching course!

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