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The One Phrase I Used To Help Take Off 140lbs...and Still Use To Maintain It.

2023 marks the 14th anniversary that I lost 140lbs.

I'd be a liar to tell you that I felt like showing up to the gym every day that I did over the last 14 years (a total of 3632 visits!) In fact, I probably didn’t feel like showing up to a large majority of those.

I’d be a liar to tell you that I haven’t often felt like saying ‘screw it’ on tracking or hitting my nutrition targets.

I learned long ago that my brain would sabotage my heart if I gave it the chance. So, I developed a simple motto I could remember- “ doesn’t matter…” and “oh well…”.

  • I don’t feel like going to the gym…“ doesn’t matter…pack the bag and go.”

  • I really want 3 more donuts…“ doesn’t matter…have the one and move on…”

  • I don’t want to hike another mile for training“ doesn’t matter…”

  • I don’t want to do my long training hike“ doesn’t matter…”

It’s like your brain stops trying to negotiate with you after telling yourself that so many times.

There are folks who get paid to do what you and I enjoy doing on the weekends with our training. You’d think these folks are a ‘special breed’ and don’t face these challenges. They do…and I know it because I’ve worked with them.

The key piece I’ve pulled out of what’s different from them and those who are spotty with their goals is they lean on discipline instead of motivation.

I hope it’s encouraging to you to know I face the same challenges you do. I’m looking forward to facing mine…and yours…in 2023.

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