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Fueling Your Ascent Guide

Mike Tyson once said, "Everyone has a plan [in the ring] until they get punched in the mouth..."

The quote fits when it comes to nutrition the mountains, too.  Eating and moving is the name of the game to make it to your destination. 


But what happens when you can't eat or execute your plan?


This guide is designed to help teach you:

1. How to eat for performance while on the trail

2. Why our appetite goes in the gutter on big pursuits/high altitude expeditions

3. Strategies to manage and navigate drops in appetite/nausea

4. How to avoid the bonk you'll get a recipe for the infamous Audrey Bars we use to manage nutrition on big trips!


Having a plan before heading on a trip is a key part of knowing what to bring, but having a contingency and the knowledge to adjust on the fly is a key element, too. 

Afterall, you never know when the mountains might bunch you in the mouth...


9 page PDF download.

Fueling Your Ascent Guide

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