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Foundations Course

The world is full of nutrition programs that can help you reach any goal you want. The problem is, few teach you how to do it and ultimately leave you in worse shape than when you found it. Our Foundations course is designed to not only help you reach a goal, but to educate you on the top 19 topics we’ve seen keep many people confused, stuck and discouraged. These include:


  • Calories - What are they, do they matter, and how many am I supposed to actually have

  • Protein - How much SHOULD I actually have, where is it found, and what should I adjust to meet that goal

  • Supplements - Are they needed or can I just eat food?

  • Food fads - Do I need to eat special food? What about ‘clean food’? What are clean foods, anyway?

  • Plateaus - Why do they happen and how do you fix them?


Knowing the answers to these topics ultimately give you the confidence to move forward with autonomy so you don’t need to keep endlessly scrolling Google looking for answers that leave you more confused than before you ever put a single keyword into the search bar. Foundations is designed to make you an expert in the world of nutrition that matters most- your own.

This course is backed by our

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