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Mastering the most important thing- consistency.

Even if it's not a passion of yours, you probably know achievements in karate-style sports (jiu-jitsu, tae kwon do, etc.) are all memorialized by colors on the belt you wear. White belt generally signifies someone brand new to the sport while a black belt shows expert-level knowledge.

There's a story of a man who was publicly being rewarded for this achievement of moving from a white belt (beginner) to a blue belt- the next rung up the ladder of achievement in the sport.

When being rewarded, the instructor (a black belt who had won worlds) asked the young man "which belt do you think is the hardest belt to get?"

Naturally, the young man said "the black belt...".

The instructor had a surprising statement to the students' obvious answer- "No...not at all. The most difficult belt to get is the white belt because most people never start...The only thing a black belt is, is a white belt who has been's a white belt that never gave up..."

  • It's not about never missing a workout.

  • It's not about perfectly logging your food every time.

  • It's not about never having a slice of cake (hopefully we know that by now anyway...).

Don't confuse being consistent with being perfect.

  • Yes, we're going to have a game plan.

  • Yes, we will probably fail to execute that sometimes.

  • But, we will also rebound towards the game plan rather than away from it.

  • All the while, we're going to learn to fall in love with the process. Don't obsess about the goal.

Still learning,


If you'd like help with your consistency, consider joining our free Facebook group or looking at our 1-on-1 program. Even if it's a simple question you may have, we'd love to chat- shoot us an email at info@v2pnutrition! We’d love to hear from you and are more than happy to help!


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