DIY Electrolyte Mix

Inexpensive (but equally effective) to the pricier, name-brand stuff.

Electrolyte mixes can be a highly effective way to prevent dehydration in the backcountry.

It isn't just about the electrolytes found in most commercial powders. It's also been shown that flavored drinks typically encourage a hiker to drink more than they normally would and the carb/sodium content of the beverage influences greater fluid retention. This combination equates to FAR better performance eon the mountain than the same guy who may otherwise be dehydrated.

With that said, some of these formulations can get expensive- especially if you spend much time outdoors and in environments that require them.

Enter the DIY option.

Below is a great recipe that mirrors the fuel ratio of many commercially made products (about 50-70kcal/8 oz and 110mg of sodium). The best part about the DIY route is you can customize it to your taste and fuel needs during training or your hikes into the backcountry.

Here’s some additional ideas on tailoring to your personal needs:

  • Adjust salt up or down depending on sweat rate and summer months.

  • Increase or decrease juice for desired flavor.

  • Swap juice for others for variety (OJ, Cran, etc.).

  • Adjust sugar content to desired amount based on fueling OR gut tolerance.

  • Add sugar-free packets (Crystal Light) to enhance flavor, but keep kcal/oz the same.

  • Play with ratios in the recipe and an inexpensive powder (Tang, etc.) for DIY option in the backcountry.

For more tips on staying hydrated in the outdoors, check out our articles on overall hydration needs and hydration tips when picking a commercial powder.

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