Want to head into 2021 with:

ZERO weight gained

$100 Amazon gift card

A like-minded community

Operation: Net Zero is a challenge aimed at coming out of the holiday season the exact same weight you entered it and avoiding the 5+ pounds the average American puts on during the coming 8 weeks.

It’s FREE to enter and all participants are entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card to be given at the completion of the program. 




Be a part of a free online community to help keep each other motivated and accountable. 


I will personally be in the group to help answer questions and offer guidance throughout the journey. This could be a perfect way for you to get your feet wet if you’ve been curious about nutrition coaching, but have been apprehensive to dive in.  

Entry is super easy and super free

Join the NET ZERO Facebook group here

Complete the entry form by Nov. 22

I look forward to being a part of this with you and am excited to see the progress you all make over this holiday season!