Helping you perform optimally in the backcountry. 

Nutrition planning provided by a Dietitian for your next backcountry adventure. 

"I feel so much better during my workouts now! I have energy, I can walk with 37 lbs on my back for 6 straight hours without feeling like I'm going to keel over! Kyle was always motivating and positive, checking in every week and responding promptly to all of my questions. I highly recommend Kyle to anyone looking to make a difference in their game plan.

Kerri Brown, Training for the Pacific Coast Trail hike


We recognize there's no one-size fits all plans in the world of nutrition, so we offer a variety of services for you to choose from here at Valley-To-Peak:

Nutrition Plans: from shedding weight in preparation for the upcoming season to those interested in improving strength and stamina in the mountains.
Meal Planning: making sure you don’t just have enough food, but making sure you have enough of the right food for any endeavor you pursue.  
Nutrition Analysis: for the times you think you're dialed in, but want to be sure. 
Medical Nutrition Therapy: evidence-based nutrition plans to aid with disease management.
Consultation: General consultations for businesses, hospitals, and clinics are included in service specialties.  Speaking, writing, presentations, and other services also available for those interested.

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