Now, I am writing and setting goals all while having confidence to pursue whatever adventure awaits. Sometimes, even leading the family during our walks/hikes. I also went from barely running a mile to missing it when I don’t go.



Kyle lined me out on a solid plan and taught me a lot about nutrition. About caloric deficit and macros.  How supplements are a waste of money and mainly how to help myself be a better version of myself. I've now dropped 58 lbs. and shaved 6" off my waist!


Kyle's ability to "dumb down" all aspects of nutrition made execution of the program much easier for me than past endeavors.  Although, executing the plan is 100% your responsibility, Kyle is there every step of the way.  He'll respond to your text, email and phone calls in a very timely manner and his customer service is utterly amazing.

      I was on the fence when I first contacted him but  working with him has been worth every penny!  I'm so glad I entered this endeavor and will be forever grateful.


A huge thank you for all you have provided.  It has been the best investment I’ve ever made into myself and my health.